5G Technology Explained! How 5G Will Change Your Mobile & Internet

5G Technology Explained! How 5G Will Change Your Mobile & Internet

The world has become a global village due to social connectivity via the internet. It’s not impossible now to interact, and you can keep an eye on the world. Psychology has strong evidence that like eating, sleeping is necessary, same is the case with social connection. For the psychological well-being, a social link is vital as well as it can work for the betterment of mental plus physical health. Apart from the internet, mobile data connections have a great significance. In this article, we are going to put some light on “5G network,” which is new in town and people are getting crazy about it. 🤩

Many of you are aware of this advancement, but on the other hand, still, some people don’t know about this new addition in a mobile data race. Before that, let us explain some background knowledge with all of you guys. Lack of social connection will lead you towards obesity and depression. There are several cases in which people got isolate and committed suicide at the end. Isolation can trigger a lot of issues and can put down your moral. 😥

The internet net speed is in the development process and getting improved day by day. In an era of technology, our daily routine entirely depends upon one word which is the internet. The psychology says the more social connection and more will be the chances of your longevity. According to the research by Steve Cole, human genes get affected by social connection and will increase the chances of a better lifestyle as well as strengthen your life-saving chances. 😍

Social connections will let you enjoy the company of different people which is very important to keep yourself away from the stress and depression without any extra efforts. The healthy social connection can help to raise a positive attitude in a society which can evolve around the globe. Social connection is the most significant source to represent yourself and your country to others. Lack of social connection will lead your health towards dramatic decline and will affect your mental health as well. 😨

Sometimes, you can share your feelings with strangers but not with your friends and family, so it’s a kind of best attitude to have friends from the other regions of the world. According to a survey, one out of four people don’t prefer to call their close friend in time of need but they want to talk to their social media connections. We have become materialistic, we only wish to fame, money, and other things but we always forget about the things which we need naturally. 😒

Social connections are not hard to build up now. In the past few years, people use to think that for social relationships they have to meet the random people and strangers are not worthy of interacting with. The technology advancement extends the virtual world and has brought the world on a single platform of internet. There are several social media platforms which are overgrowing and bringing the people closer. Being interactive with people from around the world via social media is the best thing happened yet. 🤠

Social media is not only the place to meet and greet with other but also 70% of small businesses are being run on social media such as Facebook and Instagram. There are several online courses available which is a great source to educate yourself. A considerable number of people are available on social media platforms that are offering their expertise to others and running their businesses with great ease. 🏢

Apart from the advantages and disadvantages of social media, the one thing which we need to notice that everything depends on the internet. This is the core base of social connectivity. The world is relying on the internet in an era of technology advancement. Internet is something which will never let you stay alone, no matter wherever you are and whatever you want to watch or learn about. 🧐

In this section, we are going to discuss the internet and different advancement of the internet over time. 👇

What Is The History of Internet Connections?


The internet has the most extended history and speed of getting change over time. The level of these inventions shows that it’s not the invention from a single person, but for sure there were a bunch of pioneering scientists and engineers who develop different technologies to let the internet rule the world. Until 1960 the idea was under process and MIT’s J.C.R. Licklider purpose the concept of Intergalactic Network of computers. 🖥️

With the creation of Arpanet in late 1960 and with minor changes over the time the design starts improving itself. In 1983, the Arpanet adopted TCP/IP, and the internet got the hype in the 1990s when Tim Berners-Lee invented the World Wide Web. In the form of hyperlinks and easily accessible data is called web but the people often confused it with the internet. The bunch of refining data is the primary reason to make the internet so accessible. 🌐

The broadcasting ability is the core feature of the internet. We have seen many revolutions of the internet in different forms. Internet access points and adapters also have great diversity over time. More precisely, in 1971, ALOHAnet was first connected to the Hawaiian Islands with UHF wireless system. In 1997, the actual standard IEEE 802.11 was released but, it refined in 1999. The raw data rate of 802.11 was 11 Mbit/s in 1999, but over the time the acceptance for 802.11 increased due to its dramatically powerful features of the time. 802.11b and 802.11a break the record in the digital world in the era of 1999 and 2012 respectively.

Time has changed a lot, so does the internet modems. The technology has moved from previous modems to wireless and with more range coverage modems. With the technology advancement and high usage of cell phones the need of mobile data because you cannot avail your wireless internet modems everywhere. The mobile data has grown up, and 5G in Pakistan is about to launch. 🚀

What Is The 5G Network Model?

With the help of wireless spectrum, 5G is going to work on high-frequency between28 GHz and 60 GHz. For the LTE calls home will be under consideration in the future. 5G will provide high bandwidth to its users, and for this purpose, it has been reported that 5G will add a range of unauthorized frequencies as well such as 3.5 GHz. This increase in bandwidth will have compressed and properly scattered network in tiny cell structure. The processing speed while using 5G will keep you away from the long delays and will provide you a click away service. 🖱️

Unlike LTE and other previous network technologies, 5G will support small cells system rather than the huge towers like its predecessors. You should be prepared because you are going to watch the bunch of antennas placed in your entire city, which would be well blended with the environment. As far as it is concerned about the 5g network release date, then be ready for its launch in the second half of the next year. 🕺

5G demands high data capacity, which is its key feature. The cost of rooftop systems and installation would be cut down, but the quality of the network will be for sure better than before. Not only this but also battery life and overall performance of handsets will be improved, which is an excellent thing to experience. As we have already mentioned that 5G is intended to work on small cells which will depend upon the millimeter wave spectrum. 5G cannot work as the one person army, but it will support the already existed different standards such as LTE, WIFI, and with several types of base stations. 5g network architecture might sound complicated, but its implementation would be most straightforward as compared to previous networks. 💟

Here is the diagram to say it all about 5g network architecture: 👇

The hardware providers are working on the trial bases with their hardware support for the 5G network. The foremost challenge for the 5G network design is to meet the multiple demands of the users and provide support in every flexible manner. In U.S different networks such as Verizon is working on to bring the fiber and wireless infrastructure to deliver the unbeatable services. In the future, the primary concern would be the evolution of wireless technology to maintain the gigantic data rate from a wide range of different devices and proper deployment of the 5G network. 📶

To assure the quality of experience (QoE) and quality of service (QoS) in the near future, a simulative tool for testing the 5G network would be enabled. This tool would have the ability to show different statistics, such as data capture delay due to CPU performance and transmission link congestions. This model is proposed still in the paper, and proper deployment of this tool is still pending. We hope for the best because this tool would be able to work as the backbone for the 5G network performance analysis.

What Are The 5G Network Features?

The 5th generation of a wireless network is the evolution which is beyond the horizon and will grab your attention in the second half of the next year in 2020. The technology is about to beat the current network inventions such as 4G and 4.5G (LTE advanced). These both are breaking the records, and you can imagine that what can 5G brings for you. With this advancement, the demands of the users are getting higher, and it would be so challenging for the 5G network advancement. 🐱‍👤

The data speed and low rate of latency would matter a lot and is the main motive of 5G network deployment, the low power consumption of connected devices is another milestone to achieve for 5G network definition.

Up to 10Gbps data rate will provide you 10 to 100% effective performance than the previous networks such as 4G and 4.5G.

📶 It would be worth having 1-millisecond latency experience.

📶 The dramatic increase of 1000x in bandwidth of the 5G network per unit area.

📶 Up to 100x number of connected devices as compared with 4G LTE, which is the currently deployed technology.

📶 99.999% availability would increase the user experience.

📶 100% coverage is going to facilitate the users on a huge level.

📶 90% reduction in network energy consumption in your different devices.

📶 For low power IoT devices, you can enjoy up to 100% more battery life.

📶 Advanced billing services of 5G network technology makes it more attractive and useful for the users.

📶 5G technology also providing subscriber supervision tools for fast action and got to know the statistics of the link between 5G and your device.

📶 5G technology is providing large broadcasting of data in Gigabit unit which supporting almost 65,000 connections with the fastest speed.

📶 The traffic statistics by 5G technology makes it more accurate and easy to handle when it comes to analyzing the speed as well as working.

📶 Through remote management offered by 5G technology, a user can get better and fast solution of any problem or communicate with others.

📶 The 5G technology is providing up to 25 Mbps connectivity speed which is far better than the previous ones.

📶 5G technology will also support virtual private network (VPN) to hide your private data.

📶 The new 5G technology will shape up the business in new dimensions.

📶 The uploading and the downloading speed of 5G technology touching the peak, which can make you confused between the real and virtual world.

📶 The 5G technology network offering enhanced and available connectivity to you, no matter wherever you are, you are going to stay connected with your desired people or service.

The value or computers, mobiles, and laptops will get affected because of the hype created by the 5G network. In the world of telecom, there are several changes that have been made throughout the era of all the previous networks available in past. It is predicted that the 5G technology will be available in affordable rates to precede the reliability and its future inventions.

What Does 5G Technology Offer?

Out of all the inventions in mobile network technology till now, 5G is the greatest revolution in the market. Not only this, but the revolution has taken place even in the mobile manufacturing sector. Soon, you would be able to enjoy 5G cellular phones with this fantastic technology which is going to strike the market expectedly in the second half of the next year. Now, you would be able to manage your office and essential tasks on your fingertips. 🤹‍

Now, you don’t need to be bothered about the limited and restricted volumes provided by the cellular companies because 5G has the brightest future with the combination of high tech handsets. This means in the next few years, 5G and more technologies like this will, for sure rule the world. Software and consultancy support will have a dramatic increase to change the world uniquely.

The routers and 5G adapters are based on the technique of high connectivity in the form of wireless or wired connections. The technology of 5G would brighten up the face of technology and will bring the people closer. 🤝

5G Network In Pakistan

The commercial deployment of 5G in Pakistan and other Asian countries such as Sri Lanka will take place in the second half of the next year, but Bangladesh will be far behind as they will be introduced with the 5G technology possibly in 2021. According to the survey, the broadcast rate will be higher in the next few years and will reach the position of 61%. As per the estimate of Huawei, the industry opportunities will increase to the high amount of $1.2 trillion to South Asia and Southeast Asia in the period of the next five years. 🕐

Out of all mobile networks in Pakistan, Zong has brought the 5G in Pakistan, which is 100 times higher than regular data packages and ten times higher than a broadband connection. This sounds great for the people of Pakistan as well as zong have recently done 5G speed test. Zong have done these 5G tests right after getting permission from the telecommunication authority, and they have done it in a limited geographical area to fetch the effective results. Still, the commercial tests are pending, and regular users aren’t allowed to testify 5G by Zong. Just because of this invention Pakistan has listed in 5G countries recently. 🥰

For now, there are only 1000 5G enabled handsets been reported in Pakistan so commercial use would be allowed in the approximately second half of the next year. The number of 5G handsets has a precise ratio to depicts that the commercial use will not be worthy at the moment and will not be beneficial for the provider as well, but you don’t need to be disappointed as the market is getting prepared to adopt this big change in future. 🥁

In the zong 5g test, they also run a lot of apps to show the results to differentiate the 5G from the previous data speeds. This test was held on Huawei handsets and in lab environment, the 5G network test was perfectly working but again commercial use will let you know more reliable facts about this big change. 🌠

On the other hand, Telenor, which is another leading network, is trying to conduct the 5G test to testify the most significant transformation in data history until now. 5G is the fastest technology which is about to be launch expectedly in the second half of the next year. The future of innovations is quite bright as with a matter of very less time. It seemed about tomorrow when the 3G/4G tests were successful, and now it’s time for 5G. The future technologies will add up maximum to the economy of Pakistan and will help Pakistan to grow more. 💸

Technology empowerment is the backbone for the progress of any nation, and this is authentic motive behind all these transformations. Apart from Pakistan in several countries, 5g network is under consideration, and they are working on this technology advancement. Out of major cities around the world, 5g network Denver and 5g network Brisbane is the burning destinations for this invention. In some areas of Amsterdam 5g network banned is a most significant confusion revolving around which is valid to some extent. This invention is not only under discussion in telecom companies, but also 5g network devices are a big goal to be achieved. 🏆

The 5g network available countries list is still ambiguous because some countries have done successful tests, but some are still behind and working on research about this invention. 5g network mobile phone in India and other countries are being manufactured, which sounds great. 5g network in China is about to be deployed for commercial use while on the other hand, 5g network mobile in India launch date is not confirmed yet. More specifically 5g network for home users would be ideal situation due to more connectivity for more devices. 🔗

Same like the other countries, 5g network speed UK is beyond the horizon as per a very famous bloggers say, he have check out the results in London streets and utterly obsessed with its results. The devices are getting manufactured day by day. The most famous telecom company in US 5g Verizon is working to deploy 5G on a commercial level for users. Network speed Verizon is reportedly about 600 Mbps which is impressive and an ideal speed. ⚡

In the Asian countries, 5g network speed in India is expected from 2-20 Gigabits per second (Gbps) which would be the dramatic change in the online world. Surprisingly, 5g network speed in South Korea is impressive, and they have claimed to be in the list of different countries which are offering 5g on the commercialized level. 5g network speed per second is different in different countries and may vary in different areas of these countries. 🏳️‍🌈

What Is The Difference Between 4G And LTE?

Both of these network speeds are the most recent and ruling the market in different areas of Pakistan. The connectivity of 4G offers fastest speed internet, and in some areas, it also adds up itself with LTE.

Let’s learn about both of these by one.


In March 2008, the radio communication sector published the new connectivity standards with the fastest internet speed.  In today’s era, any average phone can also enjoy the 4G connection as the majority of the 3G connections have been upgraded to the 4G network connections.


The 4G LTE will let you enjoy the full speed of 100Mb/s; if you are using the cellular network in a major city. Your data provider must have to allow you to enjoy the 4G streaming speed. In many older phones, 4G support is lacking so before getting the data package of 4G, make sure your mobile is ready to fetch the 4G signals. 4G LTE is the maximum speed which is available for commercial use while the latest launch of 5G is still working in a lab environment.

5G network speed 🆚4G

The matter of 4G has already been discussed; let’s have a 5G review shortly. Cellular data providing companies claim that 5G is going to be the lifesaving invention which is going to deploy in the next few months after finalizing all the essential requirements. Same like the current situation of 4G, 5G will only work correctly if the city where you are using the phone will have minimum traffic lights. 🚦

Pakistan has done the 5G test on 22 august 2019 by the telecom company zong and has a successful experiment. Pakistan now has become the first South Asian country who has done the 5G test.The main 5g network diagram is given below: 👇

5G Network Speed Comparison 📊

There are several types of internet speeds available which changes over time. Technology advancement has a mother called the internet which has the most excellent power and will show you different trends with time. Out of all internet available speeds, none of them can generate consistent results all the time. With every update in network speed, the previous one always get merged with the next one.

SymbolStandardFull NameMaximum Download SpeedMaximum Upload Speed
2GGSMGlobal system for mobile communication14.4Kbits/s14.4Kbits/s
GGPRSGeneral packet radio service53.6Kbits/s26.8 Kbps
EEDGEEnhanced data rates217.6 Kbps108.8 Kbps
3GUMTSUniversal mobile telecommunications system384 Kbps128 Kbps
HHSPAHigh speed packet access7.2 Mbps3.6 Mbps
H+HSPAEvolved High speed packet access-Release 614.4 Mbps to 168.8 Mbps5.76 Mbps to 23.0 Mbps
H+HSPAEvolved High speed packet access-Release 721.1 Mbps11.5 Mbps
H+HSPA+Evolved High speed packet access-Release 842.2 Mbps11.5 Mbps
H+HSPA+Evolved High speed packet access-Release 984.4 Mbps11.5 Mbps
H+HSPA+Evolved High speed packet access-Release 10168.8 Mbps23.0 Mbps
4GLTELong term evolution168.8 Mbps50 Mbps
4GLTE-ALong term evolution-advanced1 Gbps500 Mbps

5G Networks In Pakistan

As the 5G isn’t implemented in Pakistan so, the 5G packages are not working yet here, but the packages will allure you for sure. We hope 5g internet packages will be soon available in Pakistan as well.

In this section, we are going to mention different packages related to 3G and 4G, which are current network technologies.

Before that, we would like to mention different networks available in Pakistan.

1.       Zong

2.       Telenor

3.       Jazz

4.       Ufone

5.       Warid


Zong is a Chinese company and working in Pakistan from several years. 5g network speed test has been successfully testifying by this company for the very first time.

3G Packages

You can enjoy different packages on daily, weekly, and monthly packages for different price range as well as the data speed limit. We will explain one by one.

Daily Plans

Daily BasicRs. 15+Tax100MB1 Day
Daily Data MaxRs. 35+Tax500MB1 Day
Daytime OfferRs. 16+Tax1200MBApplicable from 4am to 7pm
Good Night OfferRs. 15+Tax2.5GBApplicable from 1am to 9am

Weekly Plans

Super WeeklyRs. 120+Tax2.5GB7 Days
Super Weekly MaxRs. 190+Tax25 GB [10 GB + 5GB (4am – 4pm) + 10 GB Data for YouTube] for 7 days7 Days

Monthly Packages

Monthly Mini 150Rs. 50+Tax150MB30 Days
Monthly Basic 500Rs. 150+Tax500MB30 DaysMonthly Premium 15GB
Monthly Premium 3GBRs. 300+Tax3GB30 Days
Monthly Premium 15GBRs. 750+Tax15GB/month + 1GB every night from 1AM to 9AM30 Days

Content Bundle

Social PackRs. 10+Tax100MB1 Day
Classified Pack (Daraz, Lamudi, Kaymu, PakWheels & Carmudi)Rs. 5+Tax50MB1 Days
Facebook DailyRs. 5+Tax50MB1 Days

 4G Packages

4G is more in trend than 3G and in this section we are about to introduce the current packages available by zong.

Daily Packages

Packages nameFree on-net minutesFree Off-Net MinsFree SMSFree MBsValidityPrice
Zong Free 3G / 4G Package for Facebook000Unlimited1 DayRS.0
Zong 4G SIM Upgrade Offer400004001 DayRS.0
Zong Twitter Only 3G / 4G Package000201 DayRS.2
Zong Student Bundle Offer1200001 DayRS.3
Zong Zulu SMS Bundle0050001 DayRS.3
Zong Daily SMS + WhatsApp Bundle00500301 DayRS.4
Zong Classified Pack000501 DayRS.5
Zong Facebook Daily 3G / 4G Package000501 DayRS.5
Zong Full Gup Package750100301 DayRS.5
Zong Super Student Package1000000301 DayRS.5
Zong Sixer Plus Package10000050001 DayRS.8
Zong Social Pack (Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter)0001001 DayRS.10
Zong Non Stop Package100000001 DayRS.10
Zong Ramzan Exclusive Daytime Offer1000000100001 DayRS.12
Zong Perfect Package00500401 DayRS.12
Zong Shandaar Daily PackageUnlimited0800501 DayRS.12
Zong Hello 1 DIN1200120501 DayRS.12
Zong Flutter Package1200120501 DayRS.12
Zong Whatsapp Only Daily 3G / 4G Package0001501 DayRS.15
Zong Daily 3G / 4G Package (Daily Basic)0001001 DayRS.15
Zong Good Night 3G / 4G Package00025001 DayRS.15
Zong Daytime Offer00012001 DayRS.16
Zong Day Time 3G / 4G Package00012001 DayRS.35
Zong Day Time 3G / 4G Package0005001 DayRS.35

Weekly Packages

Packages nameFree on-net minutesFree Off-Net MinsFree SMSFree MBsValidityPrice
Zong weekly sms bundle0015002007 daysRs.17
Zong weekly youtube offer00080007 daysRs.100
Zong shandar weekly offer500405005007 daysRs.120
Zong super 3G/4G offer00025007 daysRs.120
Zong mega weekly offer00040007 daysRs.160
Zong super weekly max00070007 daysRs.160
Zong weekly 3G/4G plus offer00010007 daysRs.190
Zong super weekly max100040100010007 daysRs.200
Zong all in 1 bundle100040100010007 daysRs.200
Zong haftawar offer250080250025007 daysRs.250

Monthly Package

Packages nameFree on-net minutesFree Off-Net MinsFree SMSFree MBsValidityPrice
Zong IMO offer000200030 daysRs.30
Zong whatsapp offer000unlimited30 daysRs.30
Zong monthly mini 3G/4G packages00015030 daysRs.50
Zong Monthly SMS + Whatsapp Bundle005003030 daysRs.50
Zong monthly Facebook offer000600030 daysRs.70
Zong Monthly Basic 500 3G / 4G Package00050030 daysRs.150
Zong Monthly 3GB 3G / 4G Package000300030 daysRs.300
Zong Shandaar Monthly Package10001001000100030 daysRs.300
Zong Monthly Premium 3GB000300030 daysRs.300
Zong Internet SIM Monthly 3GB000300030 daysRs.500
Zong Monthly Power Pack 5001000501000250030 daysRs.500
Zong Data Share 3G / 4G Package (5GB)000500030 daysRs.500
Zong Super Card25001502500250030 daysRs.650
Zong Monthly 12GB 3G / 4G Package0001200030 daysRs.750
Zong Monthly Premium 15GB0001500030 daysRs.750
Zong internet sim monthly 4GB000400030 daysRs.775
Zong internet sim monthly 10GB000100030 daysRs.800
Zong Data Share 3G / 4G Package (10GB)000100030 daysRs.900
Zong Monthly Power Pack 100020001501500500030 daysRs.1000
Zong Supreme Offer50003005000512030 daysRs.1000
Zong Internet SIM Monthly 12GB0001200030 daysRs.1240
Zong Monthly MBB - 30GB (Device Only Package)0003000030 daysRs.1500
Zong Internet SIM Monthly 30GB0003000030 daysRs.1500
Zong Supreme Plus Offer100060010001000030 daysRs.1732
Zong Monthly MBB - 50GB (Device Only Package)0005000030 daysRs.2000
Zong Internet SIM Monthly 50GB0005000030 daysRs.2000
Zong Monthly MBB - 75GB (Device Only Package)0007500030 daysRs.2500
Zong Internet SIM Monthly 75GB0007500030 daysRs.3250
Zong Monthly MBB - 76GB (Device Only Package)00076000
30 daysRs.3250
Zong Monthly MBB - 100GB (Device Only Package)00010000030 daysRs.3250
Zong Monthly MBB - 150GB (Device Only Package)0015000030 daysRs.5951
Zong Monthly MBB - 200GB (Device Only Package)00020000030 daysRs.10000

Others Packages

Packages nameFree on-net minutesFree Off-Net MinsFree SMSFree MBsValidityPrice
Zong New SIM Offer00020003 daysRs.0
Zong Combo Pack0500300015 daysRs.200
Zong Internet SIM 3 Months 3GB00030003 monthsRs.1150
Zong 3 Months Power Pack 150000030003 monthsRs.1150
Zong Internet SIM 3 Months 12GB8000200300080003 monthsRs.1500
Zong 3 Months MBB - 36GB (Device Only Package)000120003 monthsRs.2790
Zong 3 Months MBB - 50GB (Device Only Package)000360003 monthsRs.5500
Zong 6 Months MBB - 65GB (Device Only Package)000500006 monthsRs.5500
Zong 6 Months MBB - 75GB (Device Only Package)000650006 monthsRs.10000
Zong 12 Months MBB - 75GB (Device Only Package)0007500012 monthsRs.12000
Zong 12 Months MBB - 65GB (Device Only Package)0006500012 monthsRs.22000

Telenor 🤙🏻

One of the largest multinational telecommunication companies, Telenor is working in Pakistan from the very beginning of the telecom advancement and serving the nation with amazing as well as astonishing services. More than 39 million users are using Telenor services. The rates and packages are quite lowest, which attracts the users most.

In this section we are about to introduce all the available 3G/4G packages.

3G/4G Packages

Package NamePriceVolumeDurationActivation code
4G Daily BundleRs 1575MBs24 HoursDial *345*131#
4G Daily Lite BundleRs 1250MBs24 HoursDial *12#
Telenor Good Time OfferRs 6200MB + 50MB for FacebookValid for next two hours (except 6 PM to 9 PM)Dial *345*20#
Telenor Social PackRs 150MB24 HoursDial *5*311#
Telenor Raat Din 3G, 4G PackageRs 151.5GB24 Hours (Valid from 12 AM to 12 PM)Dial *150#
4G 3 Days Package42 Rs200MBs3 DaysDial *32#
3 Day All-in-One OfferRs 30150MB3 DaysDial *345*210#
3 Day Sahulat OfferRs 4050MB internet, 100MB WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter3 DaysDial *5*3#
4G Weekly Unlimited internet packageRs 852500MBs7 Days (Valid from 1 AM to 7 PM daily)Dial *345*144#
Weekly All-in-One OfferRs 1604000MB, 150 Telenor minute, Rs 50 for all network calls and SMS7 DaysDial *345*88#
4G Weekly UltraRs 140
5000MB + 1000MB for Goonj/GameBox7 DaysDial *336#
4G Weekly SuperRs 1002000MB + 500MB for WhatsApp/Goonj/GameBox7 DaysDial *288#
4G Weekly Ultra PlusRs 22510GB + 2GB on Goonj App7 DaysDial *225#
4G Weekly BundleRs 75750MB7 DaysDial *72#
Mehran Internet OfferRs 1203000MB, Rs 50 balance for calls and SMS7 DaysDial *620#
*Dhamal Internet OfferRs 852000MB
7 DaysDial *812#
**Super Dhamal Internet OfferRs 1505000MB7 DaysDial *946#
4G Monthly Starter BundleRs 2504000MB + 4000MB (1 AM - 7 AM)30 DaysDial *302#
Monthly Data OfferRs 1702000MB + 1000MB WhatsApp/Goonj/Gamebox30 DaysDial *301#
4G Monthly Plus PackageRs 75010,000MB30 DaysDial *345*136#
4G Monthly PackageRs 5009000MB30 DaysDial *303#
4G Monthly BudgetRs 5009GB30 DaysDial *345*2001#
4G Monthly StarterRs 75015GB30 DaysDial *345*2002#
4G Monthly LiteRs 150036GB + 100GB Free Nights from 1 AM to 7 AM30 DaysDial *345*1001#
4G Monthly SmartRs 220085GB + 100GB Free Nights from 1 AM to 7 AM30 DaysDial *345*1002#
4G Monthly ValueRs 3800150GB90 DaysDial *345*1003#
12GB 3 Months BundleRs 100012GB (4GB/30days)30 DaysDial *345*2003#
Internet 100100 Rs + tax150MBs30 DaysDial *345*481#
Internet 200200 Rs + tax300MBs30 DaysDial *345*482#
Internet 350250 Rs + tax600MBs30 DaysDial *345*483#
Internet 600600 Rs + tax4000MBs30 DaysDial *345*484#
Internet 10001000 Rs + taxUnlimited Internet30 DaysDial *345*486#

 Jazz 🤙🏻

Another massive internet and network providers in Pakistan which is the most leading as well but recently they have merged with another widely used network called warid. At the moment, they are working as partners now.

Here are the 3G/4G packages, offered by jazz and warid collectively.

Daily Packages

Package NameFree MBsFree On-Net MinsFree Off-Net MinsFree SMSValidityPrice
Jazz Free FacebookUnlimited0001 dayRs.0
Jazz Daily Social Recursive2000001 dayRs.5.98
Jazz Daily Social Bundle5000001 dayRs.5.98
Jazz Daily SMS + WhatsApp100018001 dayRs.7.2
Jazz day bundle201000001501 dayRs.10
Apna shehar package(selected city)100100000015001 dayRs.10
Karachi Daily Hybrid Package (For Khi Only)100100000015001 dayRs.10
LBC KPK (Selected Cities)100100000015001 dayRs.10
Jazz Daily Browser Offer500001 dayRs.11.5
Jazz Free Music Bundle (Daily)500001 dayRs.20
Jazz Har Din Package50500001 dayRs.22
Jazz Daily Data Bundle (Peak-Off Peak)1000001 dayRs.24

Weekly Packages

Package NameFree MBsFree On-Net MinsFree Off-Net MinsFree SMSValidityPrice
Jazz 4G sim offer4000400040007 daysRs.0
Jazz Weekly SMS Package250015007 daysRs.15
Jazz weekly whatsapp bundle250015007 daysRs.18
Jazz Weekly Browser Offer3000007 daysRs.50
Jazz Weekly Social50000007 daysRs.50
Jazz Weekly Extreme Offer25000007 daysRs.71.7
Jazz Haftawar All Rounder Package (Selected Cities Only)250700507007 daysRs.84
Jazz Haftawar Offer1001000010007 daysRs.85
Jazz Free Music Bundle (Weekly)3500007 daysRs.90
Jazz Weekly Streamer Offer10000007 daysRs.95
Jazz New SIM Offer15001500015007 daysRs.99
Jazz Weekly Hybrid50010002010007 daysRs.115
Haftawaar Internet 3G, 4G Package (Selected Cities)20000007 daysRs.120
Jazz Weekly Premium 3G, 4G Package30000007 daysRs.140
Jazz Weekly All Network Package100010005010007 daysRs.155
Jazz Weekly Mega 3G, 4G Package50000007 daysRs.190
Jazz Weekly Super Duper Offer300015005015007 daysRs.199
Jazz Weekly Super Duper Offer200000007 daysRs.240

Monthly Packages

Package NameFree MBsFree On-Net MinsFree Off-Net MinsFree SMSValidityPrice
Jazz MBB Loyalty Offer5000000030 daysRs.0
Jazz Bundle Plus Offer300000030 daysRs.0
Jazz Sim Lagao Offer150030000300030 daysRs.0.06
Jazz Unlimited Monthly SMS Bundle5000001200030 daysRs.70
Jazz Monthly WhatsApp Bundle5000001200030 daysRs.70
Jazz Internet Monthly Extreme Offer500000030 daysRs.120
Jazz Monthly Browser Package400000030 daysRs.215
Jazz Monthly 3G / 4G Package (Lite)300000030 daysRs.250
Jazz Supreme Hybrid Package (Selected Cities Only)1001000100100030 daysRs.299
Jazz Free Music Monthly Package150000030 daysRs.330
Jazz Monthly Mega Offer800000030 daysRs.375
Jazz Monthly Hybrid Bundle1000100000100030 daysRs.444
Jazz Monthly Super Duper30003000100300030 daysRs.533
Jazz Monthly All Rounder Package50000200150030 daysRs.596
Jazz Super Duper Card20002000150200030 daysRs.600
Jazz Monthly Mega Plus Offer1200000030 daysRs.600
Jazz Monthly Supreme Offer2000000030 daysRs.885
Jazz Monthly Super Duper Plus Offer80004000200400030 daysRs.889
Jazz Monthly Internet Basic Package - Device Only1500000030 daysRs.999
Jazz Super 4G Welcome Back Offer5000000030 daysRs.1000
Monthly Internet Regular - Device Only6000000030 daysRs.1500
Monthly Internet Heavy - Device Only15000000030 daysRs.2500

Other Packages

Package NameFree MBsFree On-Net MinsFree Off-Net MinsFree SMSValidityPrice
Jazz Gold Super Advance Offer
Free Balance: 30
Jazz 3 Day Extreme Offer5000003 daysRs.17.9
Jazz Internet Hourly Extreme Offer20000002 hoursRs.20.32
3 Months Bundle - Device Only360000003 monthsRs.4000
6 Months Bundle - Device Only750000006 monthsRs.10000

Ufone 🤙🏻

Amazingly, result oriented service provider in Pakistan with amazing and flexible data packages which we are going to mention below:

Package NameFree MBsFree On-Net MinsFree Off-Net MinsFree SMSValidityPrice
Ufone Free FacebookUnlimited0001 dayRs.0
Ufone Power Hour6060001 dayRs.6
Ufone Special Daily 3G Package500001 dayRs.6
Ufone Social Daily Package1000001 dayRs.6
Ufone Daily Chat Package5000001 dayRs.6
Ufone Streaming Offer (1 hour)5000001 dayRs.10
Ufone Daily Light 3G Package400001 dayRs.12
Ufone Mega Daily 3G Package20480001 dayRs.15
Ufone Daily Pakistan Offer100001 dayRs.18
Ufone Daily Heavy 3G Package75100001 dayRs.18
Ufone Social Monthly Package10000001 dayRs.60


Weekly Packages

Package NameFree MBsFree On-Net MinsFree Off-Net MinsFree SMSValidityPrice
Ufone Weekly Light 3G Package2500007 daysRs.50
Ufone Weekly Super Internet Package10240007 daysRs.100
Ufone Weekly Pakistan Offer100700007 daysRs.100
Ufone Asli Chappar Phaar Offer100010001007 daysRs.120
Ufone Weekly Heavy 3G Package5000007 daysRs.125
Ufone Super Internet10240007 daysRs.130
Ufone Weekly Internet Plus30000007 daysRs.175

Monthly Packages

Package NameFree MBsFree On-Net MinsFree Off-Net MinsFree SMSValidityPrice
Jazz MBB Loyalty Offer5000000030 daysRs.0
Jazz Bundle Plus Offer300000030 daysRs.0
Jazz Sim Lagao Offer150030000300030 daysRs.0.06
Jazz Unlimited Monthly SMS Bundle5000001200030 daysRs.70
Jazz Monthly WhatsApp Bundle5000001200030 daysRs.70
Jazz Internet Monthly Extreme Offer500000030 daysRs.120
Jazz Monthly Browser Package400000030 daysRs.215
Jazz Monthly 3G / 4G Package (Lite)300000030 daysRs.250
Jazz Supreme Hybrid Package (Selected Cities Only)1001000100100030 daysRs.299
Jazz Free Music Monthly Package150000030 daysRs.330
Jazz Monthly Mega Offer800000030 daysRs.375
Jazz Monthly Hybrid Bundle1000100000100030 daysRs.444
Jazz Monthly Super Duper30003000100300030 daysRs.533
Jazz Monthly All Rounder Package50000200150030 daysRs.596
Jazz Super Duper Card20002000150200030 daysRs.600
Jazz Monthly Mega Plus Offer1200000030 daysRs.600
Jazz Monthly Supreme Offer2000000030 daysRs.885
Jazz Monthly Super Duper Plus Offer80004000200400030 daysRs.889
Jazz Monthly Internet Basic Package - Device Only1500000030 daysRs.999
Jazz Super 4G Welcome Back Offer5000000030 daysRs.1000
Monthly Internet Regular - Device Only6000000030 daysRs.1500
Monthly Internet Heavy - Device Only15000000030 daysRs.2500

Other Packages

Package NameFree MBsFree On-Net MinsFree Off-Net MinsFree SMS
Jazz Gold Super Advance Offer
Free Balance: 30
Jazz 3 Day Extreme Offer5000003 daysRs.17.9
Jazz Internet Hourly Extreme Offer20000002 hoursRs.20.32
3 Months Bundle - Device Only360000003 monthsRs.4000
6 Months Bundle - Device Only750000006 monthsRs.10000

Warid 🤙🏻

Few years back, jazz and warid was two different carriers but they merged to serve the nation collectively. Here, we are going discuss different packages one by one.

Daily Packages

Package NameFree MBsActivation codeDe-activation codeFree SMSValidityPrice
Daily Social Recursive200MBs for Facebook and Whatsapp onlyDial *455# for Activation, Dial *455*2# for statusDial *455*4# for de-activation,024 Hours (Valid till midnight the same day)Rs 5.98
Daily SMS Whatsapp Package10MB for WhatsappDial *334#, for activation, Dial *334*2# for StatusDial *334*4#180024 hours (Valid till Midnight the same day)Rs 5.98
Daily Data Bundle (Peak-Off-Peak)100MB for 24 hours, 1100MB for (2:00 AM to 2:00 PM)Dial *117*4# for activation, Dial *117*4*2# for statusAutomatically expires on the same day midnight024 hours (Valid till Midnight the same day)Rs 24
Daily Browser50MBDial *117*11# for activation, Dial *117*11*2# for statusAutomatically expires on the same day midnight024 hours (Valid till Midnight the same day)Rs 11.95
Internet Hourly Extreme2000MBDial *846# for activation, Dial *846*2# for statusAutomatically expires after 2 Hours0Valid for Next 2 HoursRs 20.32
*Sindh Offer250MBDial *522# for activation, Dial *522*2# for statusAutomatically expires on the same day midnight1500Valid till midnight the same dayRs 12
**Karachi Daily Hybrid LBC250MBDial *400# for activation, Dial *400*2# for statusAutomatically expires on the same day midnight.4200Valid till midnight the same dayRs 12

Weekly Packages

Package NameFree MBsActivation codeDe-activation codeFree SMSValidityPrice
*Jazz New SIM Offer1500MB (besides, 1500 SMS, 1500 Jazz, Warid minutes)Dial *989#Automatically Expires after 7 days. Dial *989*2# to check Status15007 DaysRs 99
Jazz Weekly Streamer1GBDial *117*7#Dial *117*7*4#07 DaysRs 95
Weekly Premium2000MBDial *117*47#Dial *117*47*4#07 DaysRs 132
Weekly Mega5000MBsDial *159#Dial *159*4#024 hours (Valid for 7 Days)Rs 190
Weekly Mega Plus20GB (10GB from 2AM - 2PMDial *453#Automatically expires after 7 days. Dial *453*2# to check Status07 DaysRs 240
Weekly-Extreme2500MB (Valid for 2:00 AM - 2:00 PM)Dial *117*14#Automatically expires after 7 days. Dial *117*14*2# to check Status07 DaysRs 71.7
Jazz Weekly Browser Package300MBsDial *117*3#Dial *117*3*4#024 Hours (Valid for 7 days)Rs 50
Mega Super Duper Weekly5000MB (Besides 2500 On-net, 50 off-net minutes, 2500 SMS)Dial *505#Automatically expires after 7 Days. Dial *505*2# to check Status250024 Hours (Valid for 7 days)Rs 250
Weekly Bundle-Once Off25MB for WhatsApp + 1500 SMSDial *101*1*07#To Unsubscribe Dial *101*4*07#. To check Status Dial *101*2*07#150024 Hours (Valid for 7 days)Rs 15 + tax
Weekly Social8GB for WhatsApp, Facebook and IMO (4GB from 2AM - 2PM)Dial *660#Automatically expires. Dial *660*2#07 DaysRs 50

Monthly Packages

Package NameFree MBsActivation codeDe-activation codeFree SMSValidityPrice
Jazz Monthly Browser Package2500MBsDial *117*77#Dial *117*77*4#024 Hours (Valid for 30 days)Rs 210
Jazz Monthly Streamer Package4000MBsDial *117*31#Dial *117*31*4#024 Hours (Valid for 30 days)Rs 300
Jazz Monthly Supreme Package8000MBsDial *117*32#Dial *117*32*4#024 Hours (Valid for 30 days)Rs 897
Jazz Monthly Extreme Package5000MBsDial *117*34#Dial *117*34*4#0(2AM-2PM) (Valid for 30 days)Rs 120
Jazz Monthly Mega Plus7500MBDial *117*30#Automatically expires after 30 Days, Dial *117*30*2# for Status024 Hours (Valid for 30 days)Rs 598
Jazz Super Duper Card2000MBDial *601#Automatically expires after 30 Days,200024 Hours (Valid for 30 days)Rs 600
Jazz Monthly Mega4200MBDial *117*31#Automatically expires after 30 days024 Hours (Valid for 30 days)Rs 359 (Recharge Rs 466 required)

Internet Packages for postpaid users

Package NameFree MBsActivation codeDe-activation codeFree SMSValidityPrice
Monthly Streamer Package2,000MBDial *446#N/A030 Days250 Rs + Tax
Monthly Premium Package5,000MBDial *446#N/A030 Days500 Rs + Tax
Monthly Supreme Package14,000MBDial *446#N/A030 Days800 Rs + Tax
Monthly Super Package24,000MBDial *446#N/A030 Days1200 Rs + Tax
Monthly Ultimate Package50,000MBDial *446#N/A030 Days2200 Rs + Tax

5G Network Mobile Phones📲

Mobile phones are real-time access to the 5G network. The fifth-generation phones are more powerful when it comes to downloading and uploading speed. But time matters a lot because it will take a lot of time to 5G to be implemented the way 4G in different handsets. Apart from the fact that we all need 5G or not, but several manufacturers are adopting and also working on new standards to be a part of the latest technology race. The prices of different 5G supportive devices can vary from region to region and company to company. 🏢

For example, 5g network mobile launch in India price would not be the same as 5g network mobile price in Saudi Arabia. As per the 5G supported devices are getting developed the need of 5g network modem is also a biggest concerned and hardware manufacturers are working on it. In the great hustle and bustle of devices and modems, 5g network monitoring tools are also another strong need to be fulfilled.

If we talk about different manufacturing companies and different operating systems, then there are several of them, and we will discuss them one by one.


Apple is one of those manufacturers who are going to pick 5G for sure. But the real question is when they will launch the mobile phones with 5G enabled in them? 🤔

From the previous record, we would like to depict that apple will take some time as it’s not about being lazy but yes to do the market analysis that whether this technology would be worthy of adopting or not. We can see the future of 5G enabled mobile phones from apple in 2020 probably and being a giant market shareholder, Apple can afford to wait. ⌚


Till now there isn’t any update available about the Google that when they will launch or even start working officially on 5G phones. If we have a look at the past technology adoption by this manufacturer, then we can predict that still there is a long time remaining when we will see any stuff from Google.

HMD Global (Nokia)

Although still there isn’t any update from Nokia as well that when they are going to launch the 5G supportive devices but we would like to mention that this company was on the lead role to provide the all possible stuff for the sake of 5G technology in Tokyo. On the other hand, there isn’t any official confirmation yet about the date when nokia is about to launch its 5G phones.


This company with its parent company Huawei is closely working on the launch of 5G network enabled phones as resources reports that honor was the first company who was intended to launch its 5G enables cell phones back in October 2019 but postponed it for some reasons.


There are some rumors that HTC is going to launch their 5G phones in the second half of 2019, and HTC was the company that was struggling to work for the revolution of 5G with Qualcomm. We cannot depict precisely that when you are going to enjoy the 5G phones, but we can make a wild guess about which phone it would be. So, as per the record says, it would be U13 which allures you with 5G technology.


Huawei was the first company which was ambitious to launch 5G enabled even in 2018 but delay it for some compelling reasons. This company launches 5G enabled phone with folding features which shake the digital market with its amazing looks. Huawei has won the race till now to launch the best 5G enabled mobile with the folding feature. Huawei x MATE is its first 5G phone.


This company vanished out from the market and collaborated itself with sprint. They have launched one of the best 5G network supportive phone with the help of sprint and have astonished the market. We were expecting that they will choose their recent launches to test 5G support, but unexpectedly they choose LG V50 THINQ, one of their old smartphones. They introduce their 5G device on 20 June, and now we are expecting more amazing launches from LG. 😲


One thing which is unique and worth knowing about Motorola is unlike other companies they haven’t launch a single phone but yes a series of 5G supportive phones. All of them are highly handy and grabbing the maximum attention from the mobile lovers.

Not only this but also, they are updating the previous handsets with a moto mod. In their 5G enabled phones, MOTO Z4 and MOTO Z3 are leading ones. Majority of their phones are getting updated, and in future, you will watch them in 5G supportive devices list.

Technically Motorola was the first one to launch the 5G mobile phones, but due to their market range, people don’t have much idea about it. To give a head start, they are using moto mod so you could start learning more about the 5G phenomena.


After a lot of conflicting ideas about the launch of 5G enabled mobile from this company, the launch has been confirmed, and yes people were right about its price issue that it would be costly. Currently, this phone is only available in the UK and Finland, but in future, you might be able to have them in your home town as well.

OnePlus 7 Pro 5G is the 5G phone which is even not available in the US, but due to its expensive nature, people are not going to get it so far.


The president of the oppo claimed that it was the first company who access the 5G network and which might sound okay but they test 5G on their already available device R15. We have heard a lot of things that oppo is about to terminate their R series, but later on, they overcome their flaws with 5G supportive feature. Oppo also claims that they are working to embed 5G facility to oppo find X also. Let’s see what we will get from oppo in the future. 🔮


This is one of the leading mobile companies in the market, and we cannot expect from it that we will not hear anything from them. With a lot of powerful specs, the Samsung S10 is the beast device which will let you speechless with its breathtaking features and abilities to make your virtual world experience beyond the expectations. The series of exciting 5G phones has been started and yet needs to improve a lot. In its 5G phones Samsung galaxy fold, Samsung galaxy s10, and Samsung galaxy note 10 are included which are grabbing the maximum attention from the market.


Unfortunately, there aren’t any reports from the company about the launch of 5G enabled mobile phones. We are going to expect something good in future from sony.


This chicness company will let you shocked with the fact that they even have made their 5G phones before the hype created for the 5G enabled phone. They launched their 5G phone on May 7 with amazing features and handy nature. Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 5G is their phone which is leading the market on the bases of its high-quality features and hardware quality. 👌


It has been reported that they were successful in this mission earlier, but they break the silence in early 2019. Axon 10 Pro 5G is the phone which has been the vital invention of ZTE Company so far.

Before moving down, let’s have a look at the list of 5G available devices from different companies.

📱Huawei Mate X

📱Samsung Galaxy S10 5G


📱Xiaomi Mi Mix 3

📱OnePlus7 Or OnePlus 7T

📱ZTE Axon 10 Pro

📱Sony 5G Prototype

📱Motorola Z3



📱Samsung Galaxy Fold

📱Huawei Mate 20 X 5G

📱OPPO Reno 5G

📱Energizer Power Max P8100S

📱Alcatel 7 5G

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5G Technology Pros And Cons

None of us is unaware from the advancement of technology with the passage of time, and the 5g network advantages are beyond the limit.


  • The faster speed will save you time and will let you work done in Nanoseconds. After 5G deployment on the commercial level, the results will astonish you entirely.
  • 5g network areas will not be loaded with gigantic towers and polls to provide your desired services.
  • Time-saving and target-oriented results are one of the best 5g network benefits.
  • The high internet speed will bring the world closer and will work for the prosperity of the global workforce collectively.


  • The improved bandwidth will decrease the level of coverage.
  • High RF radiations can cause you headache, cancer, and anxiety, which are 5g network terrible side.
  • The radiofrequency is the major issue which can damage the health on a considerable level, and 5g network danger will be a big challenge to cope up with.
  • Out of several damaging 5g network facts, DNA damage, especially in infants and fetuses, are hard to control issues. Not only this but also, male infertility is going to be out of control in the future.


How Is 5g Network Bad For Health?

5G is getting great hyped since from last few years due to its bright side, but there are many things to notice to clear the dark side of the transformation. Due to the high-frequency rate, it can affect your DNA and can lead you towards cancer. There aren’t only radiofrequency radiations which are responsible, but their combination with already available frequencies is quite damaging. Secondly, due to the deployment of new technology, there would be a lot of new antennas and the wireless system would be required which are going to trap your healthy air into radiation waves.

The more mobile devices will bring more RF radiations, and more electromagnetic spectrum would be in need which is for sure a life threat to the living organisms.

Do You Know The Meaning of G In Mobile Signal?

General Packet Radio Service or GPRS is also known as G signals. This is the slowest speed your mobile phone can work on. You can simply say that it’s only the connected status but cannot work properly.

What Is the network Bandwidth of 5G?

5G speed will increase 100 times more than already available data networks such as 4G with the same number of antennas and equipment. The estimated future speed of 5G would be 10 Gbit/s, which would be 20 times better.

Where Is 5G Banned In The World?

Apart from a lot of benefits, there are still many issues related to 5G, so there are some countries which are intended to prevent the use of 5G in which Australia, Canada, and the Netherlands but still there isn’t any official statement take place.

How To Check If Your Computer Supports 5G Or Not?

If your adopter is 802.11a, then this is going to support 5G on your pc. Same is the case with 802.11c, but you can check out your adopter properties as well by right click on it.

Why 3G Been Written On My Mobile Signals?

Based on GSM standards and belongs to the third generation of mobile network technology.

What is meant by 5G network adapter?

The numbers of modem which are 5GHZ technology supportive are called 5G network adopter. There is vast range of network adopter in the market which is favorable for 5G technology.

What is the meaning of E in the mobile signal?

EDGE (Enhanced Data Rates for GSM Evolution) also called the enhanced form of GPRS. People have confused situation about the rank of E in different networks data speeds. There are myths that E lies somewhere between 2G and 3G. Not only this but also people call it 2.5G but unfortunately it’s not sufficient to browse different sites, and off course you can’t download any media.

Did 5G Test Cause Death Of A Lot of Birds?

In the Netherlands during the 5G test, there were a lot of birds which died and over time the number of death increases in reports.

 What Are The 5g Network Functions?

There are several 5G network functions which are given below:

  • Access and Mobility Management function
  • Termination of NAS signaling
  • NAS ciphering & integrity protection
  • registration management
  • connection management,
  • access authentication and authorization
  • security context management

What Is H In Mobile Signals?

By using this signal sign right next to your mobile signals you can stream music videos without much disturbance but when you need to download any file you might have to switch on another data speed.

When Will 5g Network Availability Be Possible?

In Pakistan, the 5G availability is expecting to take place in the second half of the next year.

What Are The Possible 5G Dangers?

The high radiations can cause different diseases as well as aren’t environment-friendly. High electromagnetic spectrum can be a reason of severe eye infections and cancer issues.

What Is 5g Network Frequency?

The dramatic frequency of 5G network is 95 GHz which is higher than the all previous frequencies. If we start from the 2G, 3G, and 4G, then the frequencies are 1.9 GHz, 2.1 Ghz and 2.5 Ghz respectively.

What Is Meant By Bandwidth?

Bandwidth is the space which is available for the users to download the files online. The less bandwidth will let you stay in wait for longer to run your device.

What Is The History Of Mobile Data?

Before mobile phone data, there is a long and full of variations history of the internet. We have discussed all the related information above do check it for detailed information.

What Is Meant By H+ In The Mobile Signal?

The enhanced form of H is incredibly using in all those parts of the world where still 4G isn’t working properly so, HSPA+ is the best in the town with astonishing speed.

What is 6G?

The researchers are working for technology advancement every day, and the 6th generation network is under consideration. Although, the 5G isn’t implemented yet but in many parts of the world 6G is under working and people are getting crazy about the existence of this network.

What is WCDMA?

Wide-band Code-Division Multiple Access is another form of 3G technology. Luckily, this technology previously used in GSM system. By using the air interface of CDMA, WCDMA has increased the speed of GSM. Later on, the majority of the telecommunication companies implemented WCDMA.

How To Activate LTE?

The methods are different for different operating systems. We are going to mention one by one.


  • Directly go to settings of your mobile phone.
  • Select mobile data from it.
  • Now, select network mode and change to 4G/LTE.


  • Move to the settings panel of your device.
  • Now, select mobile or cellular from it.
  • Go to voice/data options.
  • Set it to the LTE, and you are good to go.

Windows Phone

  • By going through the settings.
  • Simply select the cellular option.
  • Now, set it to 4G or LTE.
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