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Imessage For Windows

in the world of operating system and software, there are two empires called windows and Ios. Some people are on windows side completely and some of them are on ios side. They are sort of extremist people who consider it to be an immoral to use second option.

In this situation there is another type of users which are completely on neutral side and like both operating systems equally and are not part of this brand war at all. This type of people like some features of windows and some of Ios.

In this article our main focus would be third type of people, who love a mixture of features from both sides. Because it is way too easy and efficient to avail a merge of features of both products at once.

There are some features or apps which are available for both windows and ios users like what Sapp and Facebook messenger but on the other hand some apps are customized for only either for ios or for windows. For example imessage is ios app and only ios users can use this but on this point what about those who like it being windows users.

This article would be helpful for all those people who are looking for using imessage even on their windows pc. We will cover the question that either imessage can be used without the mac or not, is it possible to use imessage without using jailbreak method, what are the other possible methods to download imessage on window 7,8,10 for free. So it will be worth reading this article for sure for all the people who want to download imessage on windows pc and windows phone.

What Is Difference Between Simple Text Messages And imessage?

Text message

Text messages use regular way to send messages which users usually avail by the selected carrier. There are further two types of text messages one called SMS (short message service) and other one is called MMS (multimedia message service).

If we talk about text messages it only can contain your text without any other format of data but if you desired to send any kind of multimedia like sound or images you may have to use MMS for this purpose that means you can’t avail the both services at the same time.

Text messages can be sent to any other device as well it does not required being of same operating system like imessage only works on ios. There isn’t much background variety available for text messages that means if you want to set any kind of customized backgrounds for your text messages interface.

Only few devices have a good range of it as well it doesn’t give you any additional information about the sent message that either it has been read out by the recipient or it is send by which operating system. On text mesaages you can never have an idea about being blocked by someone unless you call and check it yourself.


Unlike text messages imessage use data or Wi-Fi connection that means you could not send messages simply by your purchased carrier. That might sounds useless for imessage but imessage can send text and multimedia at the same is more efficient and time saving to share photos, videos and other types of data via Wi-Fi or cellular data plan.

In this way imessage is way to time saving as compared to simple text messages. But it’s natural that nothing in this universe sounds 100% perfect so in this way imessage has a drawback as well which is it doesn’t wo0rks outside the apple devices which means if you want to enjoy this app you should have to get an apple device. Imessage doesn’t give you much variety of different backgrounds but you can have it by using third party apps.

Imessage can tell about the other device from which the message has been send to the ios user. If the color of message turned blue that means it has been send from ios phone but in case the message send by android device it will turned on green. In early ios operating system until ios 9 the message send by imessage try to resend the message even after getting send was the sign of being blocked by the other person but after updating of ios this feature has been vanished.

Methods To Use imessage On Windows Pc

Methods To Use imessage On Windows Pc
Methods To Use imessage On Windows Pc


There are four possible methods which can be used to download imessage on windows. All these methods can work as alternatives of each other so users can try any of them to get imessage on their window’s pc. Let’s have a look on all these lifesaving procedures. We will discuss pros and cons of these all methods below.

  • Chrome remote desktop
  • Jailbreak your iphone
  • Free emulator
  • Access imessage history on windows pc

Method 1: Chrome Remote Desktop

Before using this method one thing is necessary to know that in this process you should have a mac as well otherwise it would be impossible for you to use this method to download imessage on windows. Before going further let’s have a look on the working of chrome remote desktop. Chrome Remote Desktop give access permission to another computer’s data like apps and files with security by the Chrome browser or Chrome book. You just need to connect both systems just simply by using security code and enjoy imessage even on you windows pc.

Let’s move further by using following steps.


You have to download chrome browser and chrome remote desktop on both ios system and window pc.


You have to click launch button after download complete on both systems.


This step is only needs to done on mac. You have to download chrome remote desktop host installer.


After completion of chrome remote desktop host installer, install it the same way.

Method 2: Jailbreak Your iPhone

Many people doesn’t like to have this method because of some security issues and because it has to be completed after paying 4$, so because of it sounds offensive for many people who want to download imessage on windows phone. But for the people who are ok with its payment thing the method is given below:


Initially you have to jailbreak your phone by installing software called “cydia”. Now question arises what is cydia and how does it works so just to solve this riddle cydia is a directory of application and it start working because of jail broken your ios device.


On this step the payment has to be done for an app called remote messages in cydia to set up a web based interface. You will get the access to get connected with this web based interface by using your iPhone ip address which you can find out by following “333”.
These both steps may sound complicated and hard to be done but the software explains everything clearly which make it easier to be done. In some cases this software might not work for the latest versions of ios.

Method3: Use iMessage on Windows 10/8/7 PC with iPadian

To download imessage on windows surface you have to follow very simple and easy steps.


You have to visit and download the free emulator available there which would help you to get imessage for windows desktop.


Now you have to install the emulator file with .exe extension.


After installation you have to run emulator.


you may have to accept all the terms and conditions so you could download apple imessage for windows pc.


Now after this successful process of installation, run the ipadian emulator on your windows pc.


This step would be worth doing it. Now simple you have to search imessage in search bar.


After getting imessage in your search bar, simply you have to download so you may have a great experience of using download imessage for pc windows 7,8,10 and windows 10 reddit.

Method4: Access iMessages History on Windows pc

Download Imessages For Windows

It’s another way to have imessage for windows download. Although all other methods which are discussed above highly useful but in case none of them give the desired result you can give it a try as well. To avail imessage for windows phone you have to use a third party app called iMyFone D-Port iPhone Data Exporter which is iOS 12 Supported. This app will allow you to have imessage for view and to use even on windows pc.
Before moving forward for people who don’t know much about this app, iMyFone D-Port iPhone Data Exporter use to transfer textual and media content. It gives you an opportunity to have a preview of data before transferring it. It can help to export different 20 types of data like kik, what Sapp etc.


To use iMyFone D-Port iPhone Data Exporter for imessage for windows phones and pc you have to download and install it.


From “Export from iOS Device” section, you have to click “Start” to choose file which you want to export, for example, Message, and click on “Next”. Later on it will ask you to connect your device with your computer and you have to follow its prompt.

Step 3:

iMyFone D-Port will scan your device and it will take some time which is completely depends on the storage of your device.


After scanning you have to check the desired files which you want to export to your computer. Check imessage and export it to your windows pc so you could have a better experience of imessage for windows laptop.

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FAQ’S (Frequently Asked Questions)

Is It Possible To Have Imessage For Windows Without Mac?

Fortunately, it is possible to download and enjoy imessage for windows pc even without using mac. In all above mentioned methods to have access to imessage iMyFone D-Port iPhone Data Exporter and using an emulator named ipadian are two method which can help you to have imessage on your windows pc and window phones.

Is Imessage Available For Windows Reddit?

Yes, luckily the windows reddit users can enjoy imessage on their pc as well with simple above mentioned procedures.
Can Imessage work on all types of windows?
Imessage is suitable for all types of windows including xp, 7,8,10. Which make its access more amazing to all users. It can work on Linux operating systems as well.

Getting imessage For Windows Pc Is Free Of Cost?

Yes, getting access to imessage on windows pc is free of cost with the help of all methods excluding the second method in which the method of jail breaking is involved. In that technique you have to spend $4 for the software called cydia which would be definitely worth spending if you really want to have imessage on your windows base device.

Is It Possible To Have Imessage On Pc Without Jailbreak?

There are other 3 methods available which can be used to download imessage for windows pc without the method of jailbreak. Jailbreak doesn’t sound perfect to some users due to the fact of security concern and paid method of this technique.

Is It Safe To Download Imessage For Windows Pc?

Safety is the major concern in the era of technology, so while having imessage for windows pc there are 50 50 chances of your privacy to get breached which also depends on your own device which you are using to download imessage for windows surface. So before using imessage for windows make sure your device is secured.

imessage On Windows 2019-Final Verdict

Windows and ios both have their positive and negative sides, which can attract their users towards them. To get highly perfect services some users want a merge of services from both sides. In this case solutions are available. But according to a report by Stephen Silver in 2018 executives of Microsoft says they want to have work collaboration with apple, so they can provide the users better experience regarding their products. It’s just a thought to work, but officially there is not any sort of initiative taken yet. In 2018 Microsoft revealed about their app called “your phone” which will help the users mirror their iPhone and android phones on windows pc. This app isn’t fully available for window 10 users as the app is getting developed. Iphone also release their iTunes on windows store foreshadows which is for sure a tipping point. So we can hope in future we will be able to experience a great merge or collaboration of all these big platforms which would be definitely worth waiting for but till then all the windows users but imessage lovers can enjoy it with all above approaches.
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