Notepad++ For Mac Free Download – 5 Best Alternatives To Notepad++ {Updated 2019}

Notepad++ For Mac
TextEdit is the default text editor in macOS, and it’s just as barebones as the default text editor in Windows, Notepad. Naturally, many Mac users

No one is unaware of the advancement of technology and most importantly about computers. It was an era when everything was used to be done manually on the bases of manpower. The number of errors used to be in more amount as compared to today’s accuracy. There used to be different people with different skills to perform different tasks. Now, computers have taken over the world and you can perform different tasks with the matter of very less amount of time. In this article, we are about to discuss “notepad++ for mac” in the next sections step by step. Before going deeper, let’s start it from scratch to learn more about the peak. 🎬

The sources of entertainment were also different, like people used to go circus and prefer to play physical games. This entertainment industry was a great source of earning for many people, the same as the people of the working sector. Over time, computer technology takes place and the living standards changed completely. Initially, the computer was made to perform the simple and basic tasks with 0% chances of error. 🚫

Later on, the computer starts performing some complex tasks which deduct the workforce from the working sector. Things have changed, the computer got more advance so now

 Just imagine!  😉

Its computer era and you don’t know how to communicate with this machine. At this point, you need a communicator to talk to your machine so; you could let it know about your desired function.

What should be the answer? 💭

Here is the right answer.

A communicator or more precisely a language can solve this riddle between you and your machine.

Same like computer advancement, computer languages also change over time to get fit into the entire advancement era. Initially, the computer used to work on 0 and 1 which means the binary system was the initial source of communication. Later on, it turned into assembly language to meet the complexity of the computers. Till this era, the internet was becoming a powerful sensation around the globe. Computers were getting famous day by day and the internet was adding fuel to it. People start praising the internet and start searching for their desired information.

At this point, the question was, from where they will get the information that they want to get?

The answer pops out as different websites. ℹ️

Now, come back to the era where technological advancement and the world of the internet are at its peak. You just need to write your query in the search bar and you will get the thousands of results related to it.

Here we have another question from you.

Which website you will prefer to get your information from?

  • A website full of information but lack of user interface?
  • A website with a lack of information and with a great user interface?
  • Or a balanced website?

Of course, you will prefer a healthy and balanced website with an equal combination of both. You will gather the information from different sources but how would you set your information for the users?

That the real task for the developers. Here come the different programming languages to help the developers to assemble their data proficiently and decently. Also to provide the worth having a user interface with great speed and sustainability.

History of programming languages 🌐


Same like computer languages, the programming languages have a widespread past and an advance present also. Here is a quick overview of the history of programming languages:
  • 1800. Joseph Marie Jacquard designs a loom with the ability to read punch cards, creating the first heavily multi-threaded processing unit.
  • 1842. Ada Lovelace writes his first program in a notebook which was known as the first published computer program.
  • 1936. Alan Turing invents everything; but the British courts weren’t happy at all and do not approve, also have him chemically castrated.
  • 1957. John Backus creates FORTRAN which is the first and complete language for the use of real programmers.
  • 1964. John Kemeny and Thomas Kurtz weren’t happy with the complexity of the programming language so they decide programming is too hard and they need to go back to basics, later on, they call their programming language BASIC.
  • 1970. Niklaus Wirth designs Pascal, which later becomes a thing along with several other languages.
  • 1983. Bjarne Stroustrup give a look to the future and notices that C is not taking enough time to compile, he adds more feature to C language and names it C++ as the extended version.
  • 1995. Yukihiro Matsumoto wasn’t very happy, as he notices other programmers are not happy due to the complexity of the programming languages. He creates Ruby to make programmers happy and it works.
  • 1996. James Gosling invents Java, the first truly exaggeratedly wordy object-oriented programming language where design patterns were tremendous over practicality.
  • 2001. Anders Hejlsberg re-invents Java and adds more features to it to calls it C# because programming in C feels cooler than Java.
  • 2005. David Hanselmeyer Hansen creates a web framework called Ruby on Rails which was the re-invention of ruby language, but people no longer remember that the two are separate things.
  • 2013. Jeremy Ashkenas wants to be creative and happy the same as Ruby developers so he creates CoffeeScript which compiles to be JavaScript but looks more like Ruby and this was amazing.
  • 2014. Chris Lattner makes Swift language along with the primary design goal of not looks like Objective-C, in the end, it looks like Java.

History of programming software 💽

Programming History

There are several tools available in the market which has made the programming easy to do tasks. Out of all coding tools, very few works on multiple languages but most of them support a single language which is great. Here are some famous tools which support different languages:

  • Zend Studio (Win/Mac/Linux)
  • Php for Visual Studio (Win)
  • Visual Studio Online
  • Visual Studio (Win)
  • Thimble
  • TextMate (Mac)
  • Text Wrangler (Mac) (Free) and BBEdit (Mac)
  • Sublime Text
  • Rapid PHP Editor (Win)
  • Python Fiddle
  • PhpStorm (Win/Mac/Linux)
  • PHPEdit (Win)
  • PhpEd (Win)
  • PHPEclipse (Win/Mac/Linux)
  • phpDesigner (Win)
  • Notepad++ (Win/Mac)
  • NetBeans (Win/Mac/Linux/Solaris)
  • MacRabbit Espresso (with CSSEdit 3)
  • Nightcode
  • Light Table (Win/Mac/Linux)
  • Komodo Edit (Mac/Win/Linux)
  • Koding
  • JSFiddle
  • HTML5 Builder
  • FiddleSalad
  • Expression Studio (Win)
  • Eclipse PHP Developer Tools (PDT)
  • Dreamweaver CS6 (Win/Mac)
  • Delphi XE3 (Win)
  • Crimson Editor (Win) (Free)
  • Comparison of IDEs
  • CodePen
  • CodeLobster (Win) (Free)
  • Code Envy
  • CodeCharge Studio
  • Cloud9 IDE
  • Atom and many more.

Without any further delay let’s get back to our main topic for today!

 What is notepad++?  💡

What is Notepad++

We have strong cravings for the alluring websites because of their well-structured ability to manage data. Out of all the amazing coding tools we have chosen notepad++ mac due to its versatile ability to perform required tasks. You can write down the number of instructions to perform a specific task with great ease. You can perform these tasks with a lot of user-friendly controls to get your work done. You can create new documents; edit the old ones, copy/paste, and many more other tasks.

Notepad++ online will let you perform the maximum functionality while staying in one screen and the same user interface. Notepad++ pc download has a unique property to support more than one language. Notepad++ pc software is an open-source platform where you can write your desired code free of cost. Users have the maximum access to perform all kind of tasks with additional features such as:

  • Submit bug reports and feature requests.
  • Hand in bugfixes and patches.
  • Do online support.
  • Translate the editor.
  • Share plugins, themes, and auto-completion files.

Notepad++ latest version 32 bit download can work for the 32bit processor but many coding tools are no longer supporting this type of processors but notepad++ does. Notepad++ download mac is free so if you are working on a budget-oriented project then it is the best choice to make.

How Does It Work? ⚙️

How does it work Notepad++ For Mac
working of Notepad++ For Mac

You simply have to choose your language in which you want to work. Now, check out if you need any type of plugins to get the desired services. After getting plugins done, now start writing a different piece of code and check them in the browser to find out about the working progress. You don’t need to pay even a single penny to work on this platform which is attention-grabbing in the majority of its users. The user interface isn’t complex at all and will help you to attain the results with zero risk factors.

Notepad++ plugins 🔩

You need plugins to program in a specific language. Plugins are a set of files to perform any specific task.

notepad++ Plugins


Whenever you need to provide the location of any specific folder during coding to fetch the data from. With this plugin, a separate window will be opened on the left side of the screen where you will be able to open up the new files. You can also check out the current file location with this plugin.

 Code Alignment 

To define any variable, the equal sign is being used in the coding but while defining the multiple variables, it would be annoying to have that many equal signs. To deal with it, the alignment plugin will provide you the ability to choose a specific sign for the alignment. Not only this but also you can define your own shortcuts to save your time when it comes to doing several tasks in less time. This is the most flexible plugin which will let you perform the way you wanted to.


This is the cherry on the cake top and has the ability to perform as an ideal plugin. This plugin will save your code automatically so that you don’t have to restart your work in case of any power cut or any other issue. You can choose the time frame that when the document should get saved such as after every 10 or 15 minutes. This will plugin will assure that you don’t get exit without saving the internet. Now you don’t need to get worried about your data to be lost during working in notepad++ mac dmg.


This is the conversion plugin for the code. For example, if you have worked in markdown and you have to share it with someone who doesn’t have the same tool to open up the code. To deal with it, the NPPEXPORT plugin will convert the code into HTML format so the receiver could understand the code properly. So in simple words, NPPExport plugin converts markdown files to HTML or into RTF (Rich Text Format).


Sometimes, you need some specific part of code more than one time; to copy it, again and again, wouldn’t be easy to do. With the help of this plugin, you can open up the multiple clipboards with the data you recently copied. It will help you to pick up your desired piece of code to paste it in another document. Shortly it will display the history of your copied code.


This is an amazing plugin that can help you out compare two different files so, you could find out the similarities and dissimilarities. You can use this plugin as per your requirements and can use it to open the files side by side.


Sometimes, typing in speed wouldn’t let you know about the typing errors regarding spellings so, to cope up with this issue, spell checker plugin is here. So, you could have error-free communication with your client to whom you are going to provide the comments in code.


This plugin is basically to use it for JavaScript as its name depicts to work in notepad++ pc download.

It has some specific features which are given below:

  • JSON: it will show the JSON text in a separate window.
  • JMIN: it will let you work with whitespaces, comments and enters by removing them to reduce the size of the file.
  • JS Format: it will clean up your code by removing the extra stuff.

 Finger Text 

If you want to apply the same functionality multiple times in your code then it will help you to deal with it.

 Customize Toolbar 

Some changes you cannot apply in notepad++ pc software download by default such as the menu bar. This plugin will help you to customize the toolbar as per your desire and needs.

 Preview Html 

While doing coding in HTML, you have to check it again and again in the browser to check out the results. After making changes in the code, you will have to check it again which is a hectic task and you will not prefer to do it. To deal with this issue, here the plugin which has the ability to show the preview of your changes. This is the time-saving plugin.

Here is the shortcut for this plugin: press Ctrl + Shift + H to bring up the preview.


As its names show, this plugin is related to server hosting to gives you the control to access the FTP files with the FTP window.

 Auto Indent 

This is the great helper plugin for the new people in coding to give the right position of their code. It can support C/C++ and PHP languages. It also can help to improve the readability rate of code.


This magical plugin will help you to use the different symbols by providing you a number of them which you can enable simply with the help of keyboard.


This is the most familiar term in the programming which depicts the set of highly reusable pieces of code. You can execute them at the once to see what can they do with your results.

 TextFX Plugin 

To save your time which you serve to close the tags, this plugin will help you in a dramatic way by closing the tags automatically.

 Function list 

Here comes the handiest plugin of notepad++ mac dmg because it will make your functions handling easier for you. In programming, that’s common to use the different functions and methods over and over. On the other hand, sometimes you have to check all the functions and methods. To deal with these both situations, the function list plugin will show the list of functions and methods from your entire project.


This plugin will provide you multiple functions while working in notepad++ android development:

  • It will let you know about any unauthorized changes made by other people by flashing the notepad++ for the mac download screen.
  • It will also prevent overwriting changes by mistake.


This plugin is here to help you in:

  • Starting the exactly new line inside CommentDoc/DocBlock for C, C++, Javascript, PHP.
  • Will align your # commenting in ruby.
  • Proper pause right after opening curly brace for C-like languages, CSS and proper handling for closing curly brace.

 Undo closed tab 

If you want to move your already opened tabs then this plugin is your cup of tea. You can use the shortcut key which is ALT + LEFT/RIGHT to switch the tabs. Also, you can wrap up a specific piece of code with an Open/Close tag.

 HTML Tag 

This plugin is all about a bunch of shortcuts that you can use for HTML/JavaScript editing. It will specifically help you to deal with:

  • Code destructive or incompatible tags.

Why notepad++ is better than the others?

Why Notepad++ is better than the others Editors.
Why Notepad++ is better than the others Editors.

No doubt the market is full of code editing tools but not all of them will suit your needs. Notepad++ for mac os x free download is free of cost which means you can deal with your projects without paying a single penny. The support provided by the notepad++ pc software download is beyond the horizon. You will get the maximum user controls that are lacking in other code editors. You can write down code for more than 20 languages which make is an extremely multi-tasking platform for the programmers. The bunch of plugins will save you a lot of time and will perform the tiny but required steps on their own. The user interface isn’t complex at all like other code editors. So, you should try on notepad++ android apk download for sure to enjoy its endless features.

Features of notepad++


Notepad++ download 64 bit is fully crowded with mesmerizing features that are worthy to discuss.

👨‍💻 Multiple language support is the most unique and amazing features of notepad++ download portable. Roughly, it supports more than 50 programmings, scripting and markup languages. Also, including syntax highlighting and code folding feature.

👨‍💻 As per the user’s satisfaction survey, notepad++ android apk is surprisingly multitasked software.

👨‍💻 Notepad++ for mac 2019 has the power to make the coding easy and quicker. As auto-completion for words, functions, function parameters as well as auto-indentation and brace highlighting are few things out of many to note about it.

👨‍💻 If you want to search for some specific line of code or for a specific function then you can do it even within several documents.

👨‍💻 You can perform many line operations like split, join, sort and move are included as well.

👨‍💻 Notepad++ for mac os free download is highly portable and easy to carry due to its size. You can take it even on your USB.

👨‍💻 You can customize your user interface as per your needs like the theme as per your suitability.

👨‍💻 Notepad++ for mac os x download is customizable the way no other software can. For instance, you can align the tabs in different directions such as vertically, horizontally and or behind one another.

👨‍💻 The full-screen mode will provide you more visibility and split-screen will let you work in two different files at once.

👨‍💻 More than 20 themes are available to serve you. You just need to go towards Settings > Style and then Configurator. These themes will only be applicable in your working area; other parts will remain the same as default settings.

👨‍💻 You can change background and foreground color, fonts, font styles and much more to create your theme. On this point, you will get another evidence about the beyond horizon user controls.

👨‍💻 You can do the customization not only for all languages but also can do it separately for each language. The design you are every language coding interface to differentiate it from the others.

👨‍💻 You can change the notepad++ for mac download free even to control the keyboard shortcuts to get fit into your workflow.

👨‍💻 There are several editors available in the market which is just bragging about the stuff but in reality, they just put themselves in the bottom line.

👨‍💻 You can set the minimap by activating it from the “view” option. This will let you know about your document as an overview.

👨‍💻 You will get countless plugins to perform almost every single task which you would need. Along with the plugin manager, it will be easy to install all the plugins which you need and this plugin manager you will get as a built-in feature.

👨‍💻 You can customize the already downloaded list of plugins by the plugin manager. Plugin manager will let you see the details about different plugins like their stability ratio and version. You can change the setting anytime.

👨‍💻 You wouldn’t get the search option to search about the required plugins, but all the plugins come with the descriptions for better understanding and also the installation process is quite easy.

👨‍💻 The plugin manager will keep you updated about the new updates regarding already installed plugins. This will make you feel comfortable and more focused on your project.

👨‍💻 You can use the amazing feature of macros which is beyond reality. Macros are the recordings that you can use to record the complex operations that can be repeating without doing them manually.

👨‍💻 You just need to record the progress by using macros and you can choose where to make changes. You can repeat it for as many as you want to.

👨‍💻 You can enjoy the facility of macros, in notepad++ macro location you will find out all the icons in the top bar menu.


It is important to know that notepad++ latest version with plugin manager is not working with the 64-bit version. It is quite disappointing news but if you want to work with it then you might have to use a 32-bit system.

Why you should have mac rather than windows PC?

Windows and Mac both have huge markets but here is something which you should consider before choosing your computer.

Mac 🆚PC

Apple vs Windows
Apple vs Windows.
  • Mac has a less range of pc models but on the other hand, windows will offer you a wide range of PC’s with minor changings. This situation will be confusing for the users that they should choose for their personal use.
  • There are several computers on different websites, under the same model which is hard to decide for the buyers which one they should have. At this point, if you are willing to have the best pc then the apple is the best thing to have because of their few but authentic models. Go grab you’re your desired model which sets in your budget and you are good to go.
  • When it comes to repairing your system, there are several places available to repair your windows pc but hard to find which would be the right one to avoid frauds. On the other hand, mac is easier to get repaired from the apple store where you don’t need to worry about anything such as quality and price. So, it is easier to get repaired your system from the apple store than the windows repairing systems.
  • Windows have amazing operating systems but nothing can beat the mac operating system which is not as cluttered as the window system is. Mac os is the clarity base operating system and easy to use. That’s how; the mac os is more users friendly.
  • The apple has a wide range of devices, such as Mac, devices like the iPhone, AirPods, iPad, Apple Watch, HomePods, and Apple TV which will help you to connect all the devices without any issues but on this point, windows lack.
  • The number of mac os built-in apps is more than the window apps which is not a healthy approach. For instance, built-in software on Macs, like iMovie, Garage Band, and Image Capture, among others is better than windows apps in quality and functionalities.
  • The windows PCs will compel you to use the heavy and meaningless preloaded apps but mac is the opposite.
  • The built-in apps are not something that you can call favorite of all age groups or even of all users. In this situation, Microsoft is on the top when it comes to being annoying with built-in apps. The preloaded apps from mac are also not in favor of all people but they are less annoying and also less in number.
  • Apple releases its updates from time to time but windows are quite lazy because they release their updates quite late. Secondly, if you have mac and there is an update available then you can download it from anywhere without paying even a single penny. Sadly, windows will release their updates once in a year and you would have to pay around $120 to get the original windows. Another thing which we would like clear, windows also provide the free updates but the original ones are paid.
  • The display of your machine matters a lot the same as the performance. The mac designs are quite sharp and vibrant. The retina display of new models in mac is breathtaking because of their beauty. The models in windows also very unique and handy but it would be hard for you to decide because you might have to go through a lot of models to get the best display for you.
  • The trackpads in windows are not so cool as compared to mac devices. You will not feel comfortable while working on windows pc due to the quality of trackpad, eventually, you would have to get the mouse to keep your working inflow.

Would you like to have  “Hackintosh” ?

The difference is quite complex to deal with but if you want to enjoy mac but still have a soft corner for windows pc?


It would be quite costly to get both for a single user but what if you get two in one?

  1. Simply install the Microsoft operating system on your Mac. You have to do it on mac because you cannot install the Mac operating system on windows pc.
  2. After doing this, you will not be able to use macOS at the same time. The limited part of the computer you will be able to use.
  3. Once you are done with the windows operating system, then you would have to reinstall the mac os which would be a hectic job to do.

How To Download Notepad++?

Before jumping towards the details and downloading methods. Let’s have a detailed overview of our targeted topic “notepad++ download mac”.

Along with mac, you can download it for other devices as well. So, the methods for different devices are given below:

Download Notepad++ For Android

Now you can getnotepad++ mobile download with great ease. Just follow the given below steps:

📥 notepad++ latest version with compare plugin can be downloaded via the given link on our website which is just a click away.

📥 Tap on the downloaded file of the notepad++ android logcat.

📥 After clicking on the downloaded file, your phone will ask you to change the security settings for third party applications.

📥 To proceed you need to turn off the restriction by unchecking the unknown sources section.

📥its time to tap on the install button to start the process; this will take a few minutes to get completed. Write your piece of code and stay productive all the time.

Download notepad++ for mac latest version

You cannot directly download notepad++ on mac as its windows based program so before going further you need to follow some simple steps:

📥 download the wine bottler software on your Mac. It has the ability to run the non-mac programs on mac.

📥 After once, you install the wine bottler, now search for notepad++ in the search bar.

📥 Double-click on the downloaded file, follow the instructions to agree with terms and conditions. After a few minutes you would be good to go.

Download notepad++ for pc

Here is good news for the people who are tired of using notepad++ app download on their android phones. The downloading instructions are given below:

📥 Firstly, you need to download the notepad++ for pc from the given link.

📥 Once file downloading done, now simply follow the instructions to proceed.

📥 After doing wait for a few minutes, you are good to go, enjoy the roller-coaster ride of coding in your favorite language.

Notepad++ Pros and Cons


  • You can use this code editor free of cost and being cost-effective software is a great treat for the users.
  • You don’t need to deal with space issues because notepad++ is extremely lightweight. You just have to free up 23MB disk space to get the fastest execution.
  • You will get a wide range of menu item labels and a lot of tabs to give you access to perform certain tasks.
  • Bunch of different plugins is there to increase the functionality of notepad++. The plugin manager is the main book that has a lot of different pages with different stories written on them in the form of plugins.
  • You can run notepad++ anywhere on any sort of device due to its being a lightweight and highly portable nature.
  • For the people who have an issue in spellings, default spell checker is the lifesaving tool for them.
  • You can get the direct FTP browser access.
  • Search and replace option will let you make changings in your documents and eventually in sites as well.
  • For the new programmers, it is amazing to have the auto-complete code support by the editor.
  • A strong capability to deal with multiple languages is for sure your cup of tea.
  • The facility of macros is there to record actions and it will prevent the repetition of editing different sequences.
  • Just press Ctrl+Tab to switch between different documents.


  • The design is not as modern as it looks like the old-school design.
  • The design is the biggest drawback of this tool as some people just prefer to have interactive communication with the editing tool.
  • The user interface doesn’t look so cool even after making different changes to it.
  • The packages should be more professional to increase usability.
  • Sometimes, the plugin manager messed up and takes a lot of time to bring the required plugin. Secondly, the plugin manager isn’t working with the 64-bit system which is the biggest problem.
  • When it comes to search for any specific plugin then, unfortunately, you cannot search for it as a plugin manager doesn’t have the search option.
Conclusion 📦

Notepad++ mac download dmg is a power pack solution for all the riddles regarding coding. Deep down a wide range of customization and powerful features are waiting for you. It provides unbeatable support for multiple languages. You can get the unbeatable features even without paying a single penny to get them. This open-source has the GPL license. For the highest speed and effective size file notepad++ android development ++ is written in C++ and uses pure Win32 API and STL.

The lightweight, simple, extensible plain text editor will grab your maximum attention and will prove itself the best choice you have ever made. Notepad++ pc download will consume less power due to its efficient working power which will help to keep the environment healthy by reducing the carbon ratio in air.

 Notepad++ for mac free alternatives  ♻️

We will not recommend you to stick only to the notepad++ but will highly recommend you to have a look at these alternatives which are given below:


This freeware code editor is all the way from BBEdit text editor. With its very user-friendly interface, it will let you have an amazing experience while working on your projects. Out of all the tools available in this text editor, search and replace tools are highly remarkable. You can edit and save files for FTP, SFTP servers. It will give you an amazing opportunity to highlight the syntax for more than 15 languages. You can also do the conversion from character encoding of text documents.


The smart and powerful features of this most favorite coding tool for mac is getting fame with every single day. The interface is working like a magnet to grab the maximum users. You will get different built-in features such as a terminal, debugger, web kit preview and inspector, and so many others which can make your working easier and comfortable. Sadly it is a paid tool so you would have to pay $99 but it would be worth it.

Sublime Text

The multiple platform supportive code editors will change the way your working as it can support mac, windows, and Linux. You will get all the important features such as autofill, autocomplete, reference function in a file, multiple selections, and many more which are going to work to save your time. You would have to pay $70 to get a single license.


Easy to work with code editor will make your working hours more flexible and easy clipboard management, replace, autocompletion, and yes foldable code blocks are some of its breathtaking features. Go grab your TextMate for free or you will have to pay $60 for paid versions.


Multiple platforms supportive HTML and other languages code editor will support mac, windows, and Linux. It will let you enjoy the endless built-in features like comparison utility, autocompletion, advanced layout, multi-tab, multi-pane editors, and syntax highlighting which can work with many languages. This will cost you around $79.5 with a limited free trial.

 FAQ’s (frequently asked questions) 🙋‍


What can I use instead of Notepad ++ on Mac?

There are many alternatives available instead of notepad++ on mac. For more details about it check out the above sections, in which many alternatives are given.

Which languages I can write on notepad++ online?

You can work in more than 20 different languages with all the access to them. In the list of all these languages ruby, PHP, HTML, CSS and many more are included.

How can I run javascript while using notepad++ for mac os?

How does notepad++ pcre works?

Pearl compatible regular expressions are a library which is been written in the c language. This is the pearl language inspired library to deal with semantics and the same syntax.

What is notepad++ plugin manager?

This is a built-in manager to deal with your plugins which you need to include or exclude from the notepad++. To know more plugins read the plugin section above.

How to compare two files while using notepad++ pc software?

Here is the method is given below: 1. Start your notepad++ in administration mode. 2. Press F1 to check if your editor is 32-bit or 64-bit so you could download the right plugin manager for your mac. 3. Unzip the downloaded plugin file, and import it from the folder. 4. The plugin would appear in plugin menu.

How did notepad++ PCL plugin work?

It can work with all programmable logic controller languages to improve the quality of your project.

How to install notepad++ plugins offline?

There are some steps to follow, which will let you enjoy different plugins to help you out in your work. These steps can vary a little for different plugins. 1. Download the plugin and extract the plugin dll file in any folder. 2. Place the plugin.dll file under plugin folder of notepad++ installation. For me it was : C:Program FilesNotepad++plugins 3. Go to Notepad++ then: Settings -> Import -> Import plugin (import the plugin). 4. Notepad++ will show the restart message. 5. Restart the notepad++. 6. Should see new plugin under the Plugins menu. ALL DONE!!

Is notepad++ available for multiple platforms?

Yes, you can use notepad++ dark theme for different platforms to work by using: • notepad++ download Ubuntu 18.04 • notepad++ download for linux • notepad++ download for windows 8/7 • notepad++ latest version download for windows 10 • notepad++ mac download

How to turn on the multiple cursors in notepad++ for mac os download?

In Notepad++ you need to move into preferences menu (Settings > Preferences > Editing and then check Enable under Multi-Editing Settings) and multiple cursors will be on to serve you.

What is notepad++ android logger?

It can help you to support the shell cmd, lexer for App & Radio Log, and customizable, capture log on your device.

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